“use of water”

Here in Sant’Eufemia the irrigation of crops takes piace using a drip system, allowing a signitìcant saving of water and a better performance of root system uptake.
The water supply was made by artesian wells fìtted with an electric submerged pump.
Particular attentian to a measured use af water has always been pursued as the will ta use waste water, purify and reuse according to modalities and characteristics of quality established by national and regional regulations.
The eligible uses of recovered wastewater that are to be implemented are: irrigation, for irrigation of crops as well as for the irrigation of green areas. Civil, for the supply of heating or cooling systems. Industrial, such as fire-fighting, process and washing water and for thermal cycles of industrial processes.

“The Human Capital”

The focus is always on our workforce. Our daily guidelines: Protection of workers’ rights.
An ethical identity and a social reputation that would be extended to our suppliers.
The exploitation of people ability with consideration to gender equality and encouraging family reunifications when necessary, favouring on always positive heterogeneity.
The constant training. Attention to the production chain in and the utmost respect for human resources represents two sides of the same coin. A long and not easy process that is absolutely necessary for all of us.


More and more attentive to product quality, aware of the competitive market dynamics
and consumers’ preferences, the company defines production and harvesting common
minimum quality standards. Sanf’Eufemia dynamism and efficiency ore the result
of knowledge acquired over years of work.
Currently, each cultivation is analyzed by our technical staff, in order to check and
redefine production methodologies to obtain the best product. We produce certified
organic crops, checked and authorized by “Suolo e Solute” association, a benefit to
the environment and lo end consumer. The company is an “Organic farm”: all crops
have the appropriate certification and are subjected to checks and inspections by a
competent authority. Certificate of conformity No. 12-02166 issued by Suolo e Salute
-Approved inspection body).

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