“Our present in the Company”

The boxes of our kiwi with yellow flesh. Our vision of the future is to increase production and quality

On its land, Sant’Eufemia cultivates kiwifruit primarily and yellow kiwifruit in particular “Sungold Zespri”.
There is a warehouse to stock, freezing and packing kiwifruit. Since the first harvest, Sant’Eufemia has sold all the kiwi production to Zespri company (www.zespri.com), world leader in the kiwi market, only with after careful verification of quality standards authorizes the worldwide sale.
The aims pursued by the Company are to promote the use of cultural practices and production techniques and waste management techniques that protect the environment and promote biodiversity, with the clear objective of improving the supply of associated fruit and vegetables. Purposes that fit perfectly with our vision of the future.

“Not only kiwi”

At Sant’Eufemia the agriculture is made with love, respect and effort. These are the values that animate the days of those who dedicate themselves to it and those same values are to be transmitted to future generations. The earth delights men’s work and effort with wonderful fruits, fruits that can represent an Italian and local excellence.

Recently, 30 hectares of vineyards were planted in two different phases, divided into 15 hectares of international vines (Shiraz, Chardonnay, Sauvignon) and other hectares of autochthonous vines (Bellone, Malvasia puntinata del Lazio), as well as 4 hectares of Vermentino. Currently, the “La luna del Casale” has been vinified at the organic farm. Among the bottles that will born, we count two white wines (Bellone in purity for the Ultimo ColleMalvasia puntinata of Lazio in purity for the VentiNove) and a red one (Merlot in purity for the Fiammingo). Paolo Peira is the passionate oenologist who is taking care of the creation of these first bottles.
On our lands there were already olive trees that we made organic producing today a small but precious amount of organic oil, Olì.
In the company we spread the culture of domestic farmyard animals. Geese are our favorite!

Organic Merlot, characterized by its black berry that attracts the blackbirds, our vision of the future includes the improvement of the production techniques of this type of grape

Our vision of the future

“We will face future challenges thanks to the clarity we use to look at our objectives”

Our yellow kiwi, our vision of the future sees the world's leading Italian organic farming
Our green kiwi hayward, our vision of the future sees a supply of the energy waters totally autonomously and renewable technologies

The future holds for us the challenges we are ready to face thanks to the clarity we use to look at our goals. The creation of a winery within the company where we can vinify our grapes is the first of these. However, the will to build a rainwater catchment area is no less important in order not to be forced to supply ourselves from the aquifers to irrigate kiwi but rather to draw from the internal basin, saving precious resources for the ecosystem. Finally, we would like to succeed in realizing a plant for the production of energy from alternative sources such as branches produced by vineyards and kiwi fruit orchards.
Surely agriculture is an important sector of our geographical area, a driving force for local development. It has been in the past, it could be even more in the future, if all of us understand, that the effort must be towards quality agriculture aimed at the care of the territories, the protection of water and environmental resources, the cultivation of products that they must be recognized as excellence in taste and quality. We have to become leaders in the world as we already are for other no less noble sectors such as art, fashion and wine. There are so many other products that deserve such prestigious positions in the world.