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The agricultural company Azienda Agricola Sant’Eufemia is a company in continuous research of the better way to expand Italian organic agriculture at longest levels. feel free to ask us what you want, please contact us and in a short time, we will dissipe every doubt. call us for an appointment, come and find us to start commercial relationships, write to clarifications on orders, feedback on our products or ideas that you want to share with us. we are waiting for you.

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The structure of the offices in Cisterna di Latina, contact us and visit us Sant'Eufemia


Registered Office

address: Via Ninfina, 1 – Doganella di Ninfa
Cisterna di Latina, Latina, 04012

operational headquarters

address: Via Roma, 97
Cisterna di Latina, Latina, 04012

Phone: +06 94443361
Mobile: +39 393 9109358

We are open: 8-17 M-F

Registered Office